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Opening dates for term one academic year 2021 will be on 4th January, 2021.

08:00 AMMiangeni International Academy.

All pupils are required to report back to school to resume 2021 first term,academic year on 4th January, as per the government and Ministry of Education measures. Parents are also required to prepare their children fully to abide by health regulations. Parents can come for consultancy to various teachers in regard to their performance. Be open to express your thoughts concerning the institution. Better is not good enough. For the best is yet to come.



Closing dates for term one academic year 2021 shall be communicated.

10:30 AMMiangeni International Academy.

Closing dates shall be communicated by the administration. Pupils shall ought to be picked up by their parents. Concerning transportation for those within the school and the boarders shall be communicated on the right channels to various authorities. since the school's transport system is adequate.



Commencing date for KCPE 2020 in 2021

08:30 AMMiangeni International Academy.

Starting date for the KCPE examination shall be communicated as soon as the timetable is out. We promise all parents that the school syllabus shall and ought to be completed within the best time possible and we shall produce the best results ever.All parents who have class 8 candidates are recquired to support their children and co-operate with the school administration to give the best. All said. Lets keep our faith and remember our institution in prayers all time.



Other events of 2021.

08:30 AMMiangeni International Academy.

All other events of academic year 2021 shall be communicated to all parents immediately after the Ministry of Education releases their calender.Such events like Co-curriculum activities such as Music Festivals, Games and sports. Concerning the educational day and prayer day shall also be communicated in due date.

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